the weather today…

the weather today is increasing concern growing to full blown dread.

the weather today is an increasing trend toward denial.

the weather today is partly soused with occasional bursts of despair and irritation.

today’s weather is partly furious with occasional fits of rage.

today’s weather is warm and sunny with a few scattered clouds

the weather today is partly suspicious with chances of betrayal.

today’s weather is nervous disgust with tentative apprehension.

the weather today is calm and sunny, but the air is full of bullshit.

the weather today is getting really, really pissy right about now.

the weather today is increasing turmoil with possible physical and emotional breakdown.

complex math

oXOOHKkhKXOkohXxXhKoOokxohKxkXXX  <== refer to key
XlhO –cat <== refer to additional key
o=h, h=hug
x=k, k=kiss
little o = little h, little h = squeeze
big O = big H, big H = bear hug (or cat hug) (big O != BIG O)
little x = little k, little k = peck
big X = big K, big K = smooch (refer to exception)
additional key:

l = love.

h = happiness.
exception:  sometimes the x  (X, k, K) is silent.


i have ants.
not me personally.
i don’t know how i would even begin to explain that one.
they are on the first floor of my house.
they say that the large sized ants are carpenter ants.
and that the small sized ants are food (kitchen) eating ants.
these are medium sized ants.
i have no idea what category these guys belong in.
i’ve read that ants can carry up to 100x’s their weight.
impressive. but.
only if it were able to pick up my car would i spare an ant.
i am not fond of ants.
i HATE ants.
they are crunchy when you step on them.
and then they still get up and keep walking.
they are excellent swimmers too
as i’ve discovered from my futile attempt to flush them down the toilet.
fluffy is stalking them.
scout already ate one of the little traps i put out.
(but i have been reassured that the only side effects is one very thirsty dog.)
i hate ants.